Vumfit, Vumbuilding, Imbuilding in California

Muranivsky’s International Federation of Vumbuilding presents…
Vumbuilding is a fitness technique that allows every woman to develop, strengthen, restore, and consciously manage muscles of her vaginal canal. The exercises offered during the course will improve the quality of your sex life, develop sensuality, tighten the muscles of the pelvic region, and rejuvenate the vagina naturally. Properly trained muscles allow for easy labor and a fast recovery after delivery. Regular exercises prevent many gynecological issues.
There are 4 steps in Vumbuilding:

  1. VUMFIT – the first and most important level in the program that allows every woman to understand her intimate body and sensuality.Vumfit Vumbuilding
    You will work with an autonomous proprietary device designed to teach the muscles of your pelvic floor to function correctly to gain more pleasure out of a intercourse. Vumfit is designed to be practiced for about 6 weeks, but may become a lifetime practice.

This stage presents a unique complex of intimate exercises developed to:
— Strengthen the muscles lining the pelvic floor
— Increase the bloodflow to the reproductive system
— Stimulate libido and amplify orgasms
— Restore and tighten the vagina after childbirth
— Lessen or remove incontinence
— Build muscles to avoid vaginal and womb prolapse
— Regulate menstrual cycle and alleviate monthly pains
— Postpone menopause by restoring and maintaining hormonal balance and extend the reproductive period
— Alleviate vaginal dryness and allow for sufficient lubrication during intercourse
— Stop ingress of water into the vagina after childbirth
— Rectify hemorrhoidal boluses and hemorrhoids (not during flare up)
— Prevent cysts, fibroids
— Alleviate sexual frustration

The next levels of Vumbuilding are used to further develop the toned muscles for more pleasure for you and your partner.

The Vumfit seminar includes:

  1. Meeting with an accredited and trained Vumfit instructor in an individual or a small group setting with an in-depth description of this proprietary method
  2. Warm-up techniques derived from Taoist teachings selected to increase the blood circulation in the lower body and to prepare the body for the core exercises of Vumfit
  3. Proper breathing techniques to be used during Vumfit exercises
  4. Vumfit exercises for the first three weeks using the proprietary device
  5. Vumfit exercises for the second three weeks using the proprietary device
  6. Vumfit personal proprietary device to be used at home
  7. Practical application of the exercises to be used during intercourse
  8. Member-only access to a website with Vumfit material including exercises
  9. Tailored answers of your questions
  10. Personal access to the instructor via telephone or email

*Please wear loose and comfortable clothing . We maintain a no-nudity policy.
*The seminar will last from 3.5 hours depending on the number of attendees.
*As mentioned before, you will have to continue the training at home for the results!

«I became interested in Vumbuilding knowing of the health benefits achieved with the regular trainings  of the pelvic muscles, but a heightened sensuality and sexual gratification were unexpected bonuses.  I sincerely recommend that every woman attends the Vumfit seminar to experience the power of her body.»
Accredited Instructor of Vumfit-Vumbuilding-Imbuilding programs,
Katerina Khmeleva (Meteleva)

Before you sing up:
*The seminar is presented in Russian only with minor explanation in English!

*Please visit your gynecologist before the seminar. You should not start the training if the following conditions are identified by your gynecologist:
— Pregnancy
— Inflammatory pelvic conditions and/or STDs
— Recent childbirth and postoperative period (please wait from 1.5 to 3 months after natural birth or surgery)
— Fibroids and cysts
— Benign and malignant tumors

Got a question?
For more information please call, text at (323) 379-33-45 or e-mail:

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